Jul 22, 2016

Get extensive Eve Help at the Elgato Blog

Visit the Elgato Eve Blog for many informative articles and videos about Elgato Eve software and accessories.

Some of the many articles include:

Firmware Upgrade: Eve Room

Firmware Upgrade: Eve Door & Window

Firmware Upgrade: Eve Energy (US Version)

Firmware Upgrade: Eve Weather

Eve 1.5 fully supports HomeKit event-based triggers

Eve Thermo Functions

Eve 1.4 with Time Triggers

Eve Thermo

Fun with Siri

Tip: Siri names

HomeKit Basics

Invite Guests

Use additional iOS devices with Eve

Using Triggers

Scenes: On Command

Eve Room VOC (volatile organic compounds sensor)

Hue Meets Eve, Part 1: Basic Setup For Hue Bridge 2

Hue Meets Eve, Part 2: Setup, control and use Siri